"God. show us the physical needs around us and provide the resources needed to meet the physical and spiritual needs." -- Our continued prayer

What began as individuals and families asking for a place to gain traction in life, is now a vision coming to reality. The Light Community (the farm) was purchased in July 2018. During the first few months of mission team efforts, the prayer chapel, outhouses, and land clearing began to take place. A plan began to be formed for building tiny homes on the 13 acres that God provided. 

In the summer of 2019, the first four tiny homes were began to be constructed. Since the summer of 2019. eleven homes are under roof. We are currently working on the waste water, electrical, and plumbing installs. Our goal is to construct thirteen homes, one laundry building, and an office. 

In addition to the home constructions, we are creating community areas for our future residence to learn and grow. We are developing an equine therapy area. A sheep area will be used for residence to make sheep milk products to use and sale. Chicken coops will provide eggs for consumption and hatching chicks to sale. We are continuing to develop different areas for the community to come together and work. 

Only He Gets The Glory

A Ministry Of Compassion