Our Vision - a community where people can regain traction on life by reaching out to individuals and families. 


Our Plan - creating a working farm environment; providing avenues to learn how to physical sustain; address spiritual concerns through discipleship, and address mental health through therapeutic consoling. 


Our Action - building a prayer chapel.  tiny homes for residence, create community spaces such as gardening, barns, bee hives, goat pins, and more


A Spiritual Reproductive Ministry - residence gaining traction and reproducing their relationship with Christ, volunteers taking home a passion for missions 

A Vision + A Plan + Action = A Spiritual Reproductive Ministry 

Our vision is shaped by two prayers:

"God, show us the physical and spiritual needs in our area. Provide the resources to meet both."

"God, give us McCreary County and the nations, and do in such a way that Only You Get The Glory!"